Monday, April 4, 2011


I’m at War
With my foolish  self
A war I’ve created
An abomination
Mind searches for absolute truth,
For All I feared has come upon me
All I’ve loved has long left me
A nuclear explosion within
Fancy a spectrum  of grays
Radiating into nonsensical actions
The chemistry over your intellectual psyche
Body emits radioactive fumes from
Decades of atomic words
Spilling  ashes on memory
Nostalgia bombs perimeters
I let go of bulletproof vest
As torpedo points at chest
Attempting to blast an empty core
I stand firm
 Battalion of men grenade my empire
Roaring  “There shall be War”
You cannot annhilate the ruined
Nor what you cannot understand
It’s a clash of ruptured souls
The damned and the  fearless
It’s a War on war thing

© Viviana Plasman

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Brought the sun, hell and all that burns
To break the noose around my neck 
To unchain my undying soul
To rid me of delirium

Don’t you know? 
I want to choke 
And gasp till there's no air
Asphyxiate till every vein runs dry
And suffocate until every atom dies
Just to feel alive

On the verge of demise
You arrive
And breathe life into me
As if I asked

Saviour is it?
Breaking all laws
To destroy my façade
I detest you
Yet, you nurture
And lull me to slumber

I cock a pistol
Don’t you understand?
My delight
This whimsy of mine

Ache leads to oblivion
Pleasures my addiction
My tears aren’t in vain
In truth
What would become of me?
Without you

© Viviana Plasman


Eyes of a hunter
Sure of its prey
Obsessive gaze
With a cunning smile
I know your breed

Scars and open wounds
Bleeding existence
Into defiance
Shackled down to bitter howls
Demeaning my design

My wild heart in captivity
Rebelling against your drug
Domination and control
Is how you plan to tame
When my soul nature is to roam  

Full moon
Trances my hips
To the momentum of your pendulum
Rivaling my way
To the unknown chasm of man

Capture me today
For this instance
I’ll be your delight
Raveled under your spell
Inherently yours

But Release me tomorrow
Into borderless horizons
Lurking the depths of your dreams
Abyss of your desires
Haunting you still

Bloody cries in the wind
Forsaken your own will
My fate is to be free
Darling, you know
I’m just a wild thing

© Viviana Plasman

Monday, February 14, 2011


Crows pecking at skin
Carcass tainted red
Feasting on love
Face now bone
Palpitating to oblivion
Trees reach out to grab me,

But I refuse,

I walk in thorns instead
Then, how am I to live?
 When I remain undone
Without reason
To the end of time I’d run
Sell my soul to Lucifer

Bleed verve away

The things I’d do
Just to faintly feel you again
Things you will never comprehend

© Viviana Plasman

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Rape my being
Strip me with your glare
Decipher my blueprint
Shred me apart
I don’t care

I transform with time
Like nature,
Constant and ceaseless
Like space,
Filled yet indefinite

The depth of soul
Can never be destroyed
Only modified
And scribbled on
By each dying second

I may no longer wait for suns to rise
Or love to come
But of my existence,
My bearable past
 I am sure

I forever remain mystified
In absolute fascination
On how things
Could, Would, Should have been
With hope that in time
 I no longer deny my worth

© Viviana Plasman


This room I once knew now echoes with silence
Memories linger in this confinement
Outbursts of hatred and unspoken words
Empty faces I avoid
Muffled whispers over dinner plates
And soft footsteps across the floor
In the quiet,
My pulse fades
My body twitches,
as this fiend takes hold
can you sense the uproar?
In this wretchedness,
Selfish thoughts come alive
Fury fumes deep within
A bomb about to explode
I come out, despite the storm
This lightning about to strike me down
Can you hear the thunder of my soul?
Watch my rain pour!

© Viviana Plasman


Like a virus, it takes hold
Creeps up from behind
Grasps me by the neck
Devours all sanity
Alters my state of mind
This beast I become

My universe collapses
The sky caves in
The moon cries
Stars vanish
Darkness consumes all light

Pain hits me,
Like a bullet to head
I fall into nothingness
Vulnerable and frail
I lie here,
I hold unto you
Embracing bittersweet memories,
But it’s time to let go
This pain burns the pits of my core
This agony I cannot ignore
The gods torment me
At every turn

Under midnight rain
You to mind
Your words like weapons
Tame the beast within
Capable of turning dark skies blue
There’s a halo above your head
Could it be your disguise?

Your axe about to strike my shield
I fall on my knees
I admit defeat
Your light,
Penetrates through my darkest nights
I attempt to conceal what’s inside,
For fear of the key you hold
The power to unchain my soul
The courage to release the unknown
I dread you
Then has madness become the essence of me?

© Viviana Plasman


Church bells calling and daemons whispering malice in my ear
Cavity in my chest screaming where is your faith
Dark clouds approaching my sky
Clench for tempest
Misery beside me begging don’t leave
Should I leap and enjoy the ride
Even if I have to wait for my body to pummel down below
Or Should I turn back to a black and white world
Bloodshot eyes can’t bear no more
Gasping for air as I hinder my despair
These ghosts and voices haunt my mind
I’m single-handedly battling tragedy
As the blood in my veins turn bitter
I weep no more for my motives are filled with resent
As my reason amuses me I dread that it controls me
Sanity will not come and madness won’t depart
I stand on the edge I query existence
Watch me create myself as my turn is near
i'm at a cliff
I take a breath I calm myself
I must prove myself
I’m alive!

© Viviana Plasman